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4th of July, 2005

Springtucky, Oregon

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Allison ODonnell looking as cute as could be

Allison ODonnell looking as cute as could be
Tanis ODonnell and his Uncle Shon
The ODonnell brothers
Haley ODonnell catching some air
Jason Muggy with his adorable son, Dawson
A mess of kids on 4th of July
Jason Muggy
Trouble...serious trouble.
What the hell did you say?
A straight guy in need of a queer eye
Shon after squeezing a fart that wasn't completely without solidity
Haley ODonnell ready to play ball
Tanis dropping the ice down the back of the shirt
Amy ODonnell and Kim sunning themselves
Dawson the cutey
Kayla bin Laden, the local taliban
Jody ODonnell talking with Satan, AKA: Assbacca and Assquatch