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Pigeon Forge Strip

Doing the Bull Dance

Workin' it...

Workin' it...


The strip is slightly better than a kick in the twigs, but not much.  That being said, we did have a really good time on this night.  We rode five go-kart tracks, a mechanical bull and Rick and I decided getting launched in a metal cage 150 feet into the air by a huge rubber-band was a good idea.  Turns out, it was!


The go-karts were fun because I got to take Tanis on a few of them and watch his delight screaming around corners.  I know he wished he could have done it by himself (big hot-wheels fan, my boy is), but he still screamed with silliness every time I rammed the go-kart into his mothers' or Aunt Sherri's.  Mom laughs and Aunt Sherri gives me the stink eye.  I expect this look and try to elicit it at as much as possible. 

I don't really understand why I like to pick on my sister-in-law, but it's truly a fun moment of any day when I can get her to give me the stink eye.  It's not her annoyance, exasperation or dirty looks that particularly appeal to me, it's the face she doesn't fight all.  If she fought back, it's not that it would make me stop because of cold-war bravado or show of strength, it's simply because she reacted physically back to it that would ruin it.  I don't think I have to worry anytime soon about being afraid of her evaporating my fun.


Both the boys rode the mechanical bull.  For the dad's, it was a little burning on the berries and the inside of the thighs.  The boys liked the movement and were extremely proud they stayed on throughout the ride.


Tyler wasn't too sure about it at the start, but he rode it like a champ once it started to throw him a bit.  I was able to stay on, but Rick had a bit of difficulty on the sharp turns...