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Molten Sky

Up Too Early in the Morning


Unbelievably, I woke up at a little before 6:00 AM, a time more suitable for grunting, scratching and rolling over for more sleep.  I laid quietly in the darkness and figured I would wake everyone up before too long.  I remembered as a kid that my father would yell "Ho Ho Ho!" and slam the front door to wake us up.  It always scared me awake, but the morning haze quickly evaporated into childish excitement at the orgy of presents sitting down the hall from me.  Tanis was a bit difficult to wake up and my wife was taken aback by the fact that I was up before her.

Xmas_2004_003.jpgTanis got up and started to go outside.  He saw the telescope right away and knew exactly what it was.  He was just too distracted with the other presents all waiting for him.  Mom got up and fixed some coffee as Tanis tore into his stocking.  Everyone stretched, yawned, smacked eyes and lips and tried to not act too tire.  I am always Christmas Boy because I am the only one with patience enough to hand out the presents.










The sun was coming up as we were finishing our stockings, the views were unreal as you can see in the pictures.  Mother made a fantastic dinner.  My brother and his family dropped by just a little after noon.  Everyone got to open a few more presents.  We missed our younger brother, who was stuck working up in Portland.  We ate a great meal, ribbed each other and played our family poker games.  I probably enjoyed this last christmas more than most because Tanis is at the height of his christmas years, he is old enough to be thoroughly excited and too young to be dissillusioned by the lull of a good promise.