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Christmas 2005

We had a fantastic christmas with the Myrtle Creek Blivens!


20051225 - Christmas 2005 089.jpg

20051225 - Christmas 2005 089.jpg
20051225 - Christmas 2005 129.jpg
20051225 - Christmas 2005 172.jpg
20051225 - Christmas 2005 208.jpg
Tanis ODonnell getting unwrapped
Sunset on Christmas Day overlooking the South Myrtles
Last light on Christmas Night in Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Future heavy metal guitarist with his new, flaming guitar.  I look on in jealousy and envy.
Sherri Bernheisel watching Jody ODonnell open his own transportable pee trough she bought him
The boy slithering through the presents
Jeanie Bliven and her daughter, Sherri Bernheisel, mixing up a fantastic christmas dinner
The birthday boy, Lloyd Burnett, with his sister on Christmas Day
What's left of the fabulous spread
The after meal stretch and nap